Inspired Certification Services

WPC Approval for Wireless Products

Wireless radio products have revolutionized our world, but are also sensitive when it comes to natural security and general public safety. The Wireless Planning And Coordination, which is a branch of the Department of Telecommunications of India, the central accreditation service that can help you to get your wireless products approved by the body.

WPC is responsible for the accreditation of radio products in the unlicensed frequency bands. This is because radio technology-based products and devices that operate at the licensed frequency are approved by another body of standards entirely. Read more…

The Role of Bureau of Indian Standards in Product Accreditation: A Brief Introduction-

A parliamentary act established the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), the Bureau of Indian Standards Act, 1986, whereby the central agency will certify products for their quality and fit of usage within the legal boundaries of India. Although established in the year 1986, BIS had a predecessor known as the ‘Indian Standards Institution’ that carried out product certification since the year 1955. BIS permits licenses to a range of manufacturers from a variety of industries. The ISI mark of approval of quality that we usually see on certain products refers to this father institution of the BIS. Read more…

Inspired Certification Services
Inspired Certification Services

Import License

The Approval Is Must For Any Wireless Equipment Being Exported To India. Local Representative Is Must As The Applicant Has To Be An Indian Company.