Wireless radio products have revolutionized our world, but are also sensitive when it comes to natural security and general public safety. The Wireless Planning And Coordination, which is a branch of the Department of Telecommunications of India, the central accreditation service that can help you to get your wireless products approved by the body.

WPC is responsible for the accreditation of radio products in the unlicensed frequency bands. This is because radio technology-based products and devices that operate at the licensed frequency are approved by another body of standards entirely.


1. Equipment Type Approval (ETA):

This function is testing and approving telecommunication device for its quality and functionality. This approval entails de-licensed telecommunication devices meant for industrial consumption.

2. Import License:

WPC authorizes Importers to import certain electronic and telecommunication equipment from overseas for commercial as well as testing purposes by issuing them an import license. This allows them to acquire foreign telecommunication technology to be used in the local markets.

3. Experimental License:

WPC is also authorized to license for equipment manufacturers wanting to experiment their telecommunication device. It is meant to ensure that the devices follow safety and quality standards at the most basic level even when they are only being experimented before deployment.

4. Demonstration License and Licensing Frequency Bands:

As WPC is a part organization of DOT (Department Of Telecommunications), their duty also includes giving out demonstration licenses to telecommunication equipment manufacturers for demonstrating their telecommunication equipment for commercial purposes. They also offer licensing services for frequency bands for commercial and industrial use.

WPC Services

The Role of ICS in Getting Accreditation:

Getting approvals for radio frequency products, especially for unlicensed radio products is not easy in India. Be it for manufacturers or importers. The main issue here is that the testing and ratings based on various criteria such as security measures, public safety and technical competency of the product take a lot of time and this delay can cost you monetarily.

ICS provide you with competent expert advice by helping you craft your approval strategy so that you do not miss out on any crucial detail that is pivotal in getting in the good books of the authorities.